AEP is a fabulous program to help achieve your goals no matter what they are. It will challenge you and as a result will give that aesthetic you’re looking for. The glute program has helped with my sciatic and hip pain tremendously as well as giving me the nice glutes that everyone wishes they had. You won’t be disappointed in this program!

Adam is a dedicated professional who WILL get you RESULTS! As a man over 50, I had a gut and a collection of injuries that limited movement. Adam worked with me to drop over 20 pounds and start building muscle. Amazingly I’m virtually pain-free and able to engage in life activities I had been worried would be over forever. No matter your skill level, from elite athlete to pudgy office-dweller, Adam can help YOU!

Adam goes above and beyond! AEP… is very professional and has your best interest at heart… I was able to lose 25lbs in a month just going with the recommended diet. Once the weekly workouts started, be seen gains in weight lose and gains in muscle! Adam is by far the best trainer in the Black Hills and makes sure you will meet your goals! I personally would give him 10 stars if it would allow me… Adam made me a better person inside and out!!

Adam is hands down the best coach I’ve ever worked with. Living afar, I was skeptical what he would be able to do. He is versatile, knows his stuff and is always willing to answer any question! I’m thrilled with my results and look forward to the new workouts each week because he switches things up so I’m never bored.

I started training full fledged on my own last year, and started training with Adam in December. This journey has been incredible! I was what most would consider “skinny fat” I struggled to put healthy weight on and I always felt like I knew what I wanted to look like but always made excuses on getting there. I feel like a completely different person now! With Adam’s training techniques and nutrition, I have finally pushed past where I thought I would be when I started. I struggled to accomplish my goals on my own and getting in the gym with Adam and training and having a nutrition plan catered to my goals has made all of the difference! I highly recommend to anyone to start somewhere with Adam’s programming! Even if it is using just Daily Trainer program and the Evolution Nutrition. He is goal oriented (your goals!) and successful and the results speak for themselves!

I came to Adam initially to help change up my training after I qualified for the Boston Marathon. Trusting him was one of the scariest yet smartest things I have ever done in regards to not only the physical change aspects, but also my mentality towards training and the proper nutrition that comes with it. Having used to weigh well over 200 pounds, then losing approximately 100, I found myself well into the grips of an unhealthy eating disorder that left me at times crying and panicked when I had to eat, or having to run a certain amount of miles to “deserve to eat”. My first few months of working with Adam brought back those panicked feelings when I saw how much he wanted me to eat…and the fear of gaining all that weight back set in. Adam has tailored my training and nutrition to my specific needs to allow for both strength training with him to coincide with marathon training and running up to 50 miles a week. Not only have I seen physical changes, but I feel stronger in the weight room, my endurance on my runs has improved, I’m sleeping better at night, recovering faster, and I can eat food (read: FUEL) without fear and anxiety. Adam knows his stuff, and his knowledge speaks volumes if you let it and trust him.

I knew Adam for a few years before I decided to reach out to him and start his program. When I decided to start I definitely wasn’t going to go with anyone else. Adam helped me learn the fundamentals in not just weight training but in my nutrition as well. He was easy to work with and was always professional and respectful. Working with Adam was the best decision I had made in a long time when it came to getting my butt in shape. Now I’m able to go to the gym and not feel uncomfortable or anxious and my nutrition has taken a huge turn in the right direction!

I really enjoyed working with Adam. When I started the program I was a skinny guy with no fitness knowledge or experience. I had very little confidence when going to the gym, and was usually very intimidated. I’ve struggled with injuries, and putting on muscle for years, which Adam was sensitive to. After working with him I was still a skinny guy, but I was able to put on 8 lbs of muscle and drop my body fat from 11% to 8% while building the confidence and knowledge to continue on my own. I will most definitely work with him again in the future! Very knowledgeable, informative, and professional. Thanks Adam!

If you are looking for a challenge and a change Adam is your man. I’ve been working with Adam for a little over three months and I’ve grown in ways I didn’t think were possible. Adam has been extremely patient with me and been amazing to work with. I have struggled with some health issues throughout my training and figured Adam would push me off to the side thinking I was a lost cause. Not Adam, he was patient, took the time make sure I was healthy and adapted to me and made things work. He adapted his training and nutrition to be if it me and help me become stronger and look the best I ever have.
Adam has always been a huge resource for not only workouts but for nutrition and overall wellness. For anyone who is looking for someone that is not only going to push you to reach your goals but to push you physically and mentally Adam is your man. He is easy to talk to and approach, I never once felt like he was judging me but willing to help me grow. If I have a question about a certain workout or food or anything and I see him at the gym, Adam has always been willing to talk to me and explain things to me.
I would recommend Coach Adam to anyone looking for a great personable trainer that will help you reach your goals, smash through that goal and carry on toward the next one.

Adam is always super helpful and very professional. It’s easy to see that he is extremely passionate about what he does and he truly wants his clients to succeed. His programming is versatile and challenging, so you’ll never get bored in the gym. It never fails that his workouts kick my butt everyday ?? Adam’s programming paired with his nutrition plan have definitely helped me move towards achieving my fitness goals! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level!

I love the convenience of the home workouts. I can log in and have access to them and my meal plan 24/7. Adam has an awesome wealth of knowledge and is great to work with. I can already feel and see the results and I’m excited to keep going! ???

Adam is one of the best trainers out there! If you are in the black hills area currently and in need a of a professional who is genuinely authentic I highly recommend Adam. You will not be disappointed.

Seven days ago I started a meal plan I got from Adam. Today, I got on the scale to see how much progress I’ve made. When I first started out Adam’s scale said I weighed 171.6 lbs. I have dropped down to 156.6 lbs! That’s a total of 15 lbs in one week and I haven’t even started my workouts yet! Thirty-one more pounds until I reach that 125 lb mark! Very, very please with my results so far!

I trained with Adam for about a year, and during that time I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and achieved great results following his guidelines on how to eat and train. One thing I really appreciated is that Adam always took the time to educate me about everything he asked me to do. He doesn’t just tell you and show you what to do, he explains the reason why you should do it and the benefits that come if you stick with it. That was essential for me in helping me achieve my goals. The passion and dedication Adam invests into each of his clients to help them achieve their goals is truly unparalleled when compared to most trainers. If you are looking for someone that is passionate about fitness, that has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject and is always willing to go the extra mile and will stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals, then Adam is the man you are looking for. One thing for sure is if you do train with him be ready to work! he will push you beyond limits that even you don’t know you have.

This ain’t no regular workout but it will keep you pushing yourself more every week to the point you want to puke. But are doable and in my opinion are amazing for nearly anyone out their beginning or even years of experience.

Adam is a GREAT trainer! I have learned so much about fitness and nutrition. I definitely was in a funk with my exercise and he helped me get out of that. I am the strongest I have ever been and can’t wait to keep it up with the AEP daily trainer!

I have struggled for years with my weight and my eating habits. I always knew the crappy diets wouldn’t work in the long term. Adam has given me the biggest tool that I’ve needed for years. He has taught me how to eat right and how to portion my food. I’ve been losing fat and have been gaining muscle. I highly recommend that if you are serious about losing fat and gaining muscle that you should try Adam’s program.

Adam originally got me started into training with a clear defined plan. I started in May of last year at 200lbs with >20% bodyfat. I asked him to help get me to 10% bodyfat. I achieved this with his help by August/September of last year. Since then I have been going my own way, but I will approach Adam for help again. He knows what he is doing, and you will get results with his guidance.

This guy is LEGIT! Got me beyond where I wanted to be in half the time. If you like to workout or not and need someone to point you in the right direction with awesome workouts and nutrition call Adam!!

Alpha Elite Physiques is a successful and standard setting coaching company providing industry standard setting coaching and mentorship courtesy of The Muscle Mechanic. We offer several access points for both in person and remote options. You’re in the right place if you want results.

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